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NS700 CCUPanasonic NS-700

Every call matters

The new Panasonic NS advanced communication solutions designed to enable businesses achieve unified communications by enhancing and streamlining office communications with presence enriched productivity applications.

Communicate more effectively with both your own business and your customers. NS Telephone systems allow any time, anywhere access to a hole host of business communication applications.

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The benefits of the KX-NS series:

Designed specifically to benefit your business communication workflow, the new NS platforms are ideal communication systems that solve many of your business communication needs. These intelligent systems allow call routing and call centre functionality, together with integral desktop productivity applications, the NS platform enables businesses to effectively reach, serve, and retain your customers.

Key benefits include:

  • A converged network platform to enable businesses to implement Unified Communications
  • Integrated SIP telephony via SIP Trunking Providers
  • Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions
  • IP Phones and Softphones for Remote Workers and Remote Offices
  • Desktop, Network, & Business Application Integration
  • Built-in Voice Messaging and DISA functionality
  • Advanced, built in Unified messaging voice processing system
  • Mobility application supporting mobile phones as office extensions
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Centralised Management & Upgrades

Developing your business with effective NS systems


The NT500 Series

KX-NS platforms support the KX-NT500 Series IP telephones that are stylish, intuitive, user friendly, and comfortable to use by all system telephone users.

The NT500 series offers you a new dimension of experience with IP telephone systems, bringing you the power of advanced NS communication systems.

The IP Telephones come with high quality hands-free speaker phone and offer superb voice quality thanks to advanced acoustic technology. Packed with a whole host of features, the KX-NT500 Series IP telephones could not be any simpler to use.

These IP Phones include the following advanced features – designed to provide enhanced desktop usability and comfort:

  • Large Alphanumeric Displays
  • Electronic self-labelling keys, (NT553 & 556 only.)
  • EHS, (electronic hook switch) compatibility, (Not on the NT551.)
  • Bluetooth module providing wireless headset support, (NT560)
  • Easy navigation key
  • A 2nd, 1 Gb IP port to connect your PC

 NT 553Panasonic KX-NT553

Advanced Digital Proprietary Terminals

The Panasonic KX-DT500 Series advanced desktop phones are designed for business users who require a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match their constantly changing business needs.

These easy to use, advanced business class telephone devices are designed for effective daily communications. Connected to the NS platforms, the digital terminals are extremely reliable and provide a wide range of features to support the right solution for all your business applications.


Panasonic CA Software.

Panasonic have their own CA software. This enables a P.C user to dial, answer and transfer a call using their P.C. The highlight click and dial feature is very popular as this can usually be achieved by utilising the free version of CA that can be installed onto as little, or as many p.c’s as required.

CA software tn_CA-Pro-Panasonic-Communications-Assistant


The Hospitality market requires the communications system to be flexible, economical, and easy to use, with maximum reliability and adaptability for the individual needs. The possibility of PC integration to allow guest room billing and system management has also become a requirement of this sector. Panasonic NS Systems are perfectly equipped with all these necessary hospitality features and solutions.

HealthcareNHS logo

A telecommunication system in nursing facilities and resident housing must have a high level of reliability to meet the requirements of staff. Panasonic NS systems meet these requirements and offers custom-made solutions that can be integrated to support administrative tools and emergency call systems. The investment ensures security by flexible, future-safe technology.


To be able to work effectively and comfortably in a medical environment, it is necessary that the communication platform can adapt perfectly to fit the needs of the health industry.

With safe wireless mobility, advanced call distribution and flexible CTI – Panasonic provides a effective solution and allows easy integration with life saving technologies.

Customer services

We all would like to offer our customers the best service we possibly can, and while you might be the best today, what about tomorrow?

Panasonic communication platforms offer service-orientated solutions, which can be expanded to meet your customer’s needs now and well into the future.


Public administrators see themselves today more than ever as service providers. Their services must be carried out inspite of the increasing pressure of cost management for government, council and municipal authorities. Panasonic offers such establishments a telecommunications solution which helps them maintain and keep their costs in check.

Production enterprises

High flexibility, economy and reliability as well as adjustment to individual needs are important criteria, which communication platforms must fulfil.

The Panasonic NS outshines here as it was developed with manufacturing plants and production departments in mind. With its ultramodern design and future ready solutions, experience a new dimension of efficient communication.


Customers like to only invest in well built products, displaying them attractively and place them within a delightful environment. These same guidelines should also be followed by your telecommunication systems. When it comes from Panasonic – you are sure that all these important points have been meticulously followed – so customers can be proud to own a Panasonic system.


Logistics requires smooth and reliable transport of information. This is why logistics companies have particular requirements when it comes to telecommunications systems. With possibility for integration into CRM solutions and mobile accessibility, Panasonic systems can become the driving force for your businesses.


The legal industry of law firms, notaries, attorneys, and solicitors etc have specific requirements when it comes to business communication. Attorney client conversation may need to be recorded – or clients may need to be billed for calls. Law firms may prefer to have secure entrances monitored via IP cameras. The Panasonic NS addresses all these unique communication needs of the legal industry – yet provides all these solutions in a cost effective way.


In today’s competitive world, personal contact becomes ever more important to the customer. Customer satisfaction, maximum flexibility and accessibility provide the crucial lead in this sector. With a solution from Panasonic, everything that you need is already built in as standard.


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