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Telecom Services are registered installers of the Paxton range of access control systems.

There are 3 main products in the Paxton line up which are as follows:

Compact. With this option, all of the brains are housed inside the reader. Therefore it is only really utalised on internal, low security doors.

Switch 2. This option gives you a separate controller which can be installed either just inside the door in question or in a secluded place elsewhere away from the external reader.

Net 2. This is the flag ship of the Paxton range. It can incorporate software to manage and monitor who has entered and exited the building and at what time,along with a few of its features listed below.

  • Mifare compatible
  • Fire alarm interface, to release doors when alarm is activated.
  • Fire alarm roll call
  • Lock down
  • PC management of users tokens
  • Fobs or cards as tokens
  • id card software
  • Paxlock


Above is a small selection of the stylish readers available in the Net 2 range.


Paxlock system. These replacement door handles integrate with the Net 2 system. This can speed up installation times and can be pleasing to the eye.


All access control enquiries are quoted for after a site visit by one of our trained Paxton accredited engineers. All quotations are are on a no obligation basis and as part of our ethics, only an engineer will call.


If it is a more simple or cost effective access control solution then we have simple stand alone units that will operate on a business or residential internal or external door.

These units can operate by either fobs or pin code which in turn will either release an electro-magnetic or standard mechanical lock. These units can be installed within a few hours.

For further details please check out our twitter page or use the contact details below where one of us will be more than happy to advise.




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