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Terry Collins.

Terry is the founder of Telecom Services. He set the business up in 2000 primarily to undertake the installations of business telephone systems for larger companies on a sub contractor basis.

As the years went by, Terry discovered that more and more businesses wanted to cut out the salesman, and deal direct with the engineers as they were the ones that knew what product was best, and more importantly would work for their business. This proved to be very successful for Terry so he needed to bring more members of a team together. To this day, Terry is still very much hands on and can be seen very often travelling around in his sign written van. There are not many M.D’s that use a van as there company vehicle.

Sam Collins.

Sam is Terry’s son. At the ripe old age of 17, Sam started working with his dad. After many long days and evenings at work, Sam discovered a a large interest and saw a gap in the market for CCTV solutions. After the idea had been bounced around the team, the direction of CCTV2You was founded. To this day, this is Sam’s key area of the business and is the man to speak to regarding all of your CCTV enquiries.

Greg Marten.

Greg has worked with Terry for around 20 years on and off at various other companies. Greg started with Telecom Services in 2006 and mainly concentrates on the Telecommunications and access control side of the business. Greg has over 20 years experience on business telephone systems not only on Panasonic but other major brands as well.

Darren Burt.

Darren is the latest addition to the team.

Tracy Collins.

Tracy is Terry’s long suffering wife. Tracy looks after the admin side of the business. Tracy has her work cut out for her dealing with the paperwork from the engineers and is responsible for all of the day to day enquiries and accounts payable.

Sam Marten.

Sam is Greg’s long suffering wife. Sam is part time and assists Tracy in general admin duties.

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